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Slave Trade Route
Come join us as we continue the journey that one of the great missionary David Livingstone started.

African Explorer
For those who are adventurous at heart, this a trip for you. You will share God's love in East Africa, Central Africa and end at the tip of Southern Africa (Cape Town). Team arrives in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania for the trip briefing. The team will continue to pioneer our work with the Masai people tribe.During your trip, you will have a chance to do some tourist activities. Check out this trip »

World Explorer Mission
Applicants should be willing to make personal sacrifices, have a commitment to service and passion for sharing the love of God. This is a combination of our regular trips in different continents. As a missionary you will share God’s love I Manaus, Brazil, Maseot, Thailand, throughout southern and eastern Africa.

Zanzibar Island
You will arrive in Dar where you will be picked by your trip leader and briefed. The following day you get on the ferry to Zanzibar Island. Once on the Island, those who know how to ride dirty bikes will have a chance to hire them(you need an international drivers lincese, please contact the office for more information) you will do village ministry and also use the Jesus film to spread the gospel. In the evenings you will have a chance to get on your bikes or dali-dali(public transport) to go experience the Fish Market. Your R and R day will be spent at Nungwe beach.
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About Me
I was born to and raised by a military family in east Tennessee. Since then I have also lived in Ohio, Florida, and Alabama. I'm currently living in Virginia continuing my college education at Liberty University. I grew up in church and have known the Lord the better part of my life, and am looking forwards to learning even more about him as I go along the path He has for me! I came to know about Launch Out Ministries through a web search in 2010 and went on the 2011 Trip to Africa with them, thus starting my involvement. My other interests include cooking, mixed martial arts, herbalism, fitness, and learning any new skill that can be used in everyday situations.

Memory that stands out from the past LOM trip.
An awesome memory would surely be when God saw fit to baptize me with the Holy Spirit on one of the trips, life changing for sure!

What is your favorite seat on the truck.
The floor!!! Nothing is better than sprawling out with a sleeping bag and an MP3 player on the floor whilst going over pot holes the size of an elephant! No seriously, it's very relaxing.

Tea or Coffee
Coffee, but only if it is strong enough to stand a spoon in and blacker than a black bear in a black forest at midnight. If it's not that strong then I'll have tea.

Do you have any funny memory from LOM trip.
For sure a funny memory was when we had a really nasty bag of trash on the truck. I mean this thing was disgusting, some rotten juice bottles, some moldy PB and J scraps etc. Everyone was sort of waiting to see who would take it out because, as mentioned it was nasty! Well one night while we were driving, and man jumped on the back of the truck, he decided to steal the thing closest to him, which happened to be that bag of nasty trash. Thanks God for sending that guy to take out the trash for us!!

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