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The staff and Board of Directors at launch Out Ministries int'l want to extend thier gratituade for your support at the orphange to the following

Masonboro Baptist Church of North Carolins

The Way Foundation,North Carolina

Africa Will Be Saved, New York

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Launch Out Home

The Home (orphanage) is located in Kalomo, Zambia. The home is taking care of 10 orphan children. Over 20 kids are feed at the orphanage. As soon as we get all the paper work from the government we are looking to expand the premises for these kids.There is already 20 more orphans that we have on our waiting list.


There are various needs for the home and there is a place for you to plung in your gifts:


$1000 a month to run the orphanage.

$10,000 for a bus/van. This is an urgent need, we need trasportation. The nearest place to buy food for the orphanage is Livingstone, which is about 4 hrs away due to bad roads.
Remember to specify in the "discription" section what you gift is towards.


We invite churches, youth groups, college groups and individuals to come on a volunteer mission trip. »

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